The Importance of Vaccination in Children is to Increase the Body's Immunity from an Early Age

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Saeteurn Chantou


This have a look at investigates the influence of socio-demographic factors on formative years vaccination insurance among kids aged zero-five years. Using a pass-sectional layout, information have been amassed from 500 children in city and rural areas, specializing in household profits, parental schooling, and vaccination repute. Descriptive, inferential, and correlational analyses had been conducted to explain the relationships among socio-demographic variables and vaccination insurance. Results suggest large associations among higher family earnings, parental training, and multiplied vaccination costs. Disparities were located among city and rural regions, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions. This observe underscores the importance of addressing socio-monetary disparities in promoting universal immunization insurance for kids.

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Chantou, S. (2023). The Importance of Vaccination in Children is to Increase the Body’s Immunity from an Early Age. Journal of Community Health Provision, 3(3), 85-91.


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